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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Indoor activities to do with your toddler

Indoor activities to do with your toddler

Do you have a toddler? Or your neighbour just around the block has one and they really do not know what to do to engage their toddlers? Well, just keep reading this article as we have some exciting indoor activities just for your toddler.

Five Indoor activities every toddler should try out


  • Painting with water on cardboard:

This is one of the most exciting activities to try out with your toddler. This activity is pretty much simple, straightforward and you absolutely do not need to worry about creating a mess around. However, the required tools needed are a piece of cardboard (preferably large), a paint brush, and lastly you would be needing a bowl with water in it. Now, that you have the necessary things, the next line of action would be to:

  • Allow them start painting right away as by them doing so, they can see some form of water on the cardboard. Plus, you shouldn't rush them, but rather encourage them to enjoy the moment.

  • Play with puzzles: Again, it bodes well for kids playing with puzzles. It can be educative to them as they try to figure out different things, be it shapes, names of animal or whatever the case may be. This is a very exciting activity that any toddler would certainly enjoy indoor.

  • Sorting toys by colour: This kind of activity is required for toddlers being that it is a vital cognitive developmental skill for them. Generally speaking, most kids are always attracted to toys. When they are being inclined to sort for their favourite toys by colour, they would be more interested and hence be open to colour names and other essential elements.

  • Bath time for toy animals: This activity is more or less like having to bath their toys, but in a more fun way. The good thing about this activity for toddlers is that it refreshes their minds towards animal names. This activity is not only educative, but also productive as well.

  • Colouring on sand paper: At first, this activity might appear odd, but, it is important to know that it does indeed serve a lot of purpose. One of the aim of this kind of activity is to provide a texture experience for them (toddlers). Additionally, there has to be some form of force in order to colour on the texture which appears rough. Once they can effectively carry out such task, it would invariably make them to get used to holding the crayon firmly as a result of them trying it out on a rough texture.

In conclusion, it is important to know that kids or toddlers do enjoy having fun, irrespective of what activity they are tasked with. For that, it is expected that the kind of indoor activity that they should participate in is supposed to boost their minds. Selecting an educative and productive activity would help the toddler in the long run. So, there you have it, why not start trying any of the aforementioned indoor activity with your toddler.

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