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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Must Have Items for a Great Beach Vacation with Your Baby

Must Have Items for a Great Beach Vacation with Your Baby

Just going out to eat with your baby can be a challenge for new parents, let alone planning a beach getaway. You know you want the break though. Lounging around a pool, reading on the beach, and swimming in the ocean, is exactly what you need to help you unwind from the stresses of parenthood. However, what do you need to have a stress-free vacation? You want to relax, but you want your baby to be safe and entertained. Here are few essentials to bring with you:


1.Pampers Swim Diapers

We know those little swim outfits look so cute, but have you ever tried to clean poop out of them? Skip the cute, and go for functional. Buy Pampers swim diapers. They are easy to slip on, and then they tear right off at the sides. Swim diapers are disposable, too. So, there is no wet laundry to pack back up and bring with you. If you really want to have a touch of style, use the swim diapers under your baby’s cute bathing suit. This way you have the easy clean up, in case of an accident, but you don’t have the mess of trying to carefully pull off trunks or suit bottoms down your baby’s adorable, chunky legs.


2.Myminibaby Swim Bands

These cute arm bands are definitely a floatation necessity. Of course you aren’t planning on swimming without closely watching and holding your baby, but wet babies are slippery. Just in case, it’s always a good idea to have a floatation device on your baby. Myminibaby Arm bands are large enough to provide excellent support, and keep baby’s head above the water, but they are not restricting, if you are trying to teach your baby to swim. When you are done, let the air out, and they fold up for easy packing back into your beach bag, or suitcase.


Bestway Inflatable Pool Toys

For your time in the hotel pool, make sure to bring some Bestway inflatable pool toys. Just like the arm bands, these toys can be easily blown up, and then deflated for easy toting. There are lots of great toys from which to choose. There is everything from a water volleyball pool set, which would be great fun to watch your little one throw a ball over, to an inflatable boat that is perfect for pushing baby in. Pro Tip: Use the Bestway boat as a play area on the beach. Blow the boat up at the beach, weigh it down with some sand inside, and then set baby in the boat with their toys, and you have a nice area to watch baby play.


If you make sure to have all these items in your beach bag, you will be ready to go to any pool or beach all summer long. Planning a trip to the beach doesn’t have to be stressful, and these toys and supplies are sure to keep your baby happy. You’ll have time to catch up on your best novel, and your rest. Your baby will enjoy getting out of the house too. Tackle one adventure at a time, and you can enjoy many summers to come with your family. 

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