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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Tips for Eating Healthy As a New Mom

Tips for Eating Healthy As a New Mom

There is no doubt that healthy food and nutrition are the foundation of living a fit and strong life for you and your baby, but for new moms, the emphasis is greater. Moms who are recovering from the stress of childbirth find it hard to keep up with their diet. It is essential to have enough energy to help your body to recover faster, provide milk for your baby, and be satisfied to take care of yourself and the baby.

In addition to healthy food choices, moms can also get maternity food supplements online to boost their body’s immune and recovery process. These supplements also help you get the essential vitamins and minerals that you may lack from not eating enough food. Maternity food supplements are important during and after, so keep taking them as you improve on your diet.

Do not take any supplements without your doctor’s order. Talk with your doctor to prescribe the right vitamins and minerals for you. It should be safe for you and your baby. 


Do Not Skip Your Meals

Don’t worry about the excess weight immediately after giving birth; it will go away if you eat healthily. Hence do not think of indulging in any diet to help you lose weight. Maintain your regular eating routine, set a time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time. Remember to stay hydrated too.


Stock Up On Healthy Food

If you cannot go grocery shopping on your own, have friends and family to help you out. When your kitchen, cabinet, pantry, and shelves are filled with healthy foods, there is little opportunity of eating unhealthy. It should include lots of grains, vegetables, healthy oils, legumes, and proteins.


Make Your Plate Colorful.

Do not rely on high carbs for energy; add a little protein, some vegetables, whole grains to create a balanced plate. In fact, have more proteins per serving, it will keep you full for longer, and aid recovery. Proteins are also beneficial for tissue repairs and enhance your metabolism.


Add More Soups To Your Diet.

The pains of labor can linger on for days or weeks. This is especially difficult for moms who experienced long labor and tears during the birthing process. Adding soups to your diet eases constipation, allows free bowel movement, and relaxes you. Furthermore, soups are an excellent way to add more fiber and vegetables to your diet.


As you try to eat healthily, there are certain foods you should avoid. Even if it is safe for you, as a breastfeeding mom, you can endanger your baby’s health.

  • Sugary drinks, teas, and coffee – if you love these drinks, you might want to limit your daily consumption until your baby is grown. These drinks can make the baby cranky, restless, and unable to sleep.
  • Alcoholic drinks – if you are breastfeeding, do not drink any alcohol. Alcohol easily finds its way into your breast milk and can affect your baby. Non-alcoholic wines and fresh fruit juices are healthier ways to stay strong and boost breast milk production.
  • Limit seafood – some seafood contains high levels of mercury that are toxic to the body. Limit your intake to once a week or find a better substitute until the baby is weaned.


PS: Do not say no to friends and family offering to help. Eating healthy will enable you to recover well and have good energy for the baby.

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