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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Tips For Picking the Best Double Pram

Tips For Picking the Best Double Pram

Planning for a second baby or twins can be stressful and quite overwhelming. You have to take care of indoor furnishings for the safety of the baby on the way, baby proof everywhere, create a nursery, and so on. Deciding on the best pram to conveniently get around with the double bundle of joy is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

This guide will help you figure out the right double pram to suit your family's needs based on the individual features of the different types of double pram.

Types of Double Prams to Explore

  • The Side-By-Side Double

This type of pram push has the benefits of two separate prams packed into one. This means that each child has a separate seat, a separate canopy, and separate recline options. The children can have the best time in their prams without getting in the way of each other.

  • The In-line Double

This type of pram is quickly becoming a popular choice among parents and caretakers in the double pram industry. Their streamlined design makes it easy to maneuver through doors or sharp edges in the supermarket. With this type of pram, the type of wheels accounts for the ease of movement. Take note of the type of wheel and wheel size. In-line doubles have flexible seat configurations which makes them more versatile, so you can watch your kids while taking a stroll or have your baby facing you and your toddler looking into the world.

  • The Convertible

Convertible prams start as single prams and can be changed into double or even triple prams just by adding extra seats and some accessories. Most convertible prams are in-line strollers and a few convert to side-by-side prams. The great thing about convertible prams is that they grow with your family. If you start with one kid and have your second on the way you can buy an extra seat, a stroller board, and some more accessories. So also, if one of your babies grows into walking shoes, you can easily convert it back into a single pram.

  • The Runner

A runner double pram is a perfect option for an active family. They usually come with two large wheels at the back and one in front like a tricycle. This makes them sturdy and they can withstand the speed and vibrations that come with rubbing or jogging. They have safety features like hand brakes and are safe for all terrains, so you can take your running off the road. With a runner double pram, you can enjoy a good run with your babies and be confident in their safety.

Remember, the best type of double pram to pick is the one whose features best fit your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be a tedious process when you have read the guide.