Tips to Prepare For Air Travel with Your Infant

Having a baby is a wonderful experience. You get to be there for all the wonderful “firsts” in life. Her first smile. His first tooth. Baby’s first airplane ride. For most parents, though, there is a lot of anxiety that is associated with baby’s first airplane ride. Here are 5 tips for you, baby, and the other passengers, to enjoy the experience!

1. Have the right seats

When you are booking your flight, make sure you are considering if you need a seat for your baby, or if you will be sitting together. If you can book an assigned seat, book one that is on the aisle. Or if you and baby are sitting separate, book the aisle and the window, leaving the middle seat open. Then call the airline and ask the middle seat be blocked off, if the flight is not full. This allows you some extra room, and it doesn’t put a single traveler having to deal with you and your baby, if he gets fussy. If you don’t have the option to leave the middle seat open, offer the window seat to the middle passenger, and keep baby next to you on the aisle. Being on the aisle is critical for being able to go to the bathroom for diaper changes, without having to climb over other passengers.

2. Have the right car seat

Not all car seats are created equal. Don’t assume your car seat is safe for air travel, not all of them are. Look for an airplane logo on a sticker on your car seat to verify it is safe for air travel. Likewise, save yourself the headache (and possible fees associated) of carrying two car seats, and make sure the car seat is also easily installed in a car when you arrive. If you have a car seat that can be easily snapped into a cab, after being secured in the plane, you have less to gear to check, and haul on your vacation.

3. Have the right stroller

Think about how long your trip will be, and what stroller will be best for the locations you’ll be going to. A small stroller is easier to travel with, and can usually be checked at the gate vs before security, but if you will be doing a lot of walking and sight-seeing, this might not be comfortable come nap-time. However, if you do need a larger stroller, you need to make sure it is also airline approved. Consider looking to buy an airline approved stroller online from Dubai. This way you will be sure you get one that is safe for flying, but also is comfortable, and holds all baby’s vacation items.

4. Bring Entertainment

Just like everyone else, babies get bored on flights, or in cars. Bring a “go-bag” of snacks, toys, and maybe even a few videos, if your baby can have screen time. Another cute idea, which has gained popularity, is to bring some goodie bags to share with passengers around you. Items in the goodie bag usually include some snacks, ear plugs, and a little note that apologizes for any fussing that may happen, and thanks everyone for their patience, while your little one is trying flying for the first time.

So, plan out the right seats, bring the right gear, and pack the right in-flight entertainment, and enjoy this “first” with your little one. She will be flying and riding in style and comfort, and you will be able to relax and enjoy your vacation, too!