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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

What are the right outdoor playsets for my kid's age?

What are the right outdoor playsets for my kid's age?

For growing children, play is essential, but safety is crucial at every step. When kids explore their surroundings, they make connections, learn faster, and improve their cognitive skills. As parents, we want the best for our kids, but choosing the right outdoor playset comes with lots of bells and whistles. Whether you want to buy wooden outdoor playsets or other varieties, we want our little adorable to be safe. This guide should help you to make headway.

Kids 6 months to 24 month

These are a little explorer and want to do everything, even the impossible. They are wired for excitement. However, just because your child can climb the sofa and land on the carpet unhurt does not mean he/she is ready. Playsets for this age group should be low to the ground, allow for easy movement, build their independence, and non-slip. This includes bucket swings, on the ground stairs, and ramps. It should be low to the ground.

Kids 2 – 5 years

These are preschoolers and would want to replicate the playground activities at home. They are agile, full of energy, and want to be on top of the world. The playset for this category should challenge their intellect and strength. Playset can include chair swings, ladders that go up, spiral tunnels, slides, belts, and ramps. Despite their enthusiasm, avoid play sets that are too high. A fall outside is detrimental.

Kids 5-12

These are the witty ones that tell mummy what they want. Full of confidence and life, they cannot wait to act out their imagination. However, kids from 5 to 8 should have playsets that are inches taller than them. This way, they will always land on their feet. 9-12 years old are grown ups and can take care of themselves, so go big or postpone the playset. Outdoor playsets are climbing ladders, wall climbs. 2 people up & down swings, and enough space.

The outdoor is a great place for kids to grow their minds and imagination. It allows them to work on their flexibility, motor skills, coordination, balance, and arm strength. If you decide to get a playset because your child can, remember to be on guard and supervise their every movement. Furthermore, buy wooden outdoor playsets or ABS plastics for little kids. When they can coordinate themselves, go for metal sets.

Many playsets come as expansion sets, giving you the room to add more pieces to boost your child’s abilities. It is a money saver and an incredible choice.

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