Tips On Giving Your Baby A Good Burp

You just breastfed your baby successfully, laid her back on the bed feeling all victorious and then boom - she spits up all the milk. This pretty much spoils your bed sheet as well as your mood. Unlike bigger children, babies suck up a lot of air while drinking breastmilk or from the bottle. This leads to the baby spitting up all the milk. We often see mothers patting their babies’ backs away to glory post feeding. The idea is to make them burp and get the air out that is most likely to cause them spit up all the milk. New parents often find this a herculean task - feeding the baby at ungodly hours and patting his back endlessly to hear that one tiny burp sound - And oh the joy of hearing it is priceless for most parents in the initial couple of months. But if you do not know how to get the baby burp, it is a whole different story - be ready for some sleepless dreadful nights. But worry not! Here are a few tips about getting your baby burp that are sure to come in handy for you soon.


When should I make the baby burp?

Ideally, after every feed. But it is not necessary if the baby is content and sleeping peacefully post feeding. It is important that you know the signs. If he is restless and starts crying once you lay him down after the feed, you should probably try burping him. It could be because he is feeling the pain in his tummy and needs to be burped. This will also make some room in his tiny tummy and let him relax more.


What is the most common method of burping a baby?

The most commonly used burping method is holding the baby against your chest or shoulder, and gently patting or rubbing her back as you support her with the other hand. For some babies it may take a while for the burp to come out, but for some it may come out quicker than you imagine.


What if the baby throws up while trying to burp him?

To save yourself from getting drenched in his puke, it is always better to put a cloth over your shoulder while trying to burp him. You could buy burpy bibs online for this purpose. Make sure that you wash it in lukewarm water and gentle shampoo before and after use.


What if the baby doesn’t burp?

If the baby is taking too long to burp, it is better that you try a different position. Make the baby sit on your lap facing the other side. Make sure that you put a cloth on your lap or a burpy bib for the baby to stay clean after a spit-up incase it happens. Support the baby with one hand on his chest, while the other hand supporting his chin and jaw. While maintaining this position, lean your baby forward slightly and rub his back gently. If he still doesn’t burp, just leave it there as he may be feeling perfectly fine and may not be in dire need of a burp.


When should I stop burping the baby?

In the initial two months, your baby needs help with burping. But after that, he pretty much becomes capable enough to do it on his own. By around four to six months, babies become a pro in drinking milk without swallowing so much air as before. But if the baby continues to be all gassy and restless even after that period, you should continue with the burping or get him checked by a pediatrician.