Is It OK to Pump and Bottle Feed Instead of Breastfeed?

Deciding on the best way to feed your child can sometimes be a struggle. There is no best choice, and it’s easier to make decisions based on your work and lifestyle. There are lots of benefits to breastfeeding a child, either through pumping or directly from the breast. Once you have decided that breast milk for your child is the best food choice for them, here are the reasons why we think breast pumping is a better option for you.

1. Mothers worry about how much milk their baby is getting. Suppose you need to see and control how your baby feeds; it’s best to pump and feed them using a bottle. Also, most mothers have a low breast milk supply and can’t see how much their little one is drinking. What better way to make sure your baby is well-fed than using a pump machine and bottle? You can also check if the baby is getting enough milk by observing their diapers.

2. Some newborns and premature babies have a difficult time latching. If you have just had a premature baby in the hospital who cannot breastfeed, doctors suggest that you pump out breastmilk for the baby’s feeding. Your baby will get all the attention they need, and by pumping, you know for sure that he feeds well.

3.Pumping provides flexibility for mothers. Pumping lets you feed all the babies simultaneously if you have twins or triplets, and they won’t have to take turns. It also allows you to provide the baby at your own time and schedule if you need to make a quick grocery run or catch up with a meeting, pump and fill your baby’s bottle and leave the rest to your nanny.

4. Breastfeeding can be painful, especially when your baby starts developing teeth. By pumping, you avoid this discomfort and bites from your little one. Pumping is more tolerable than breastfeeding.

5.If you plan to have alcoholic beverages, it is best to stockpile pumped breast milk for your baby to feed on during the occasion.

Mothers get sick and may also be too tired to breastfeed their babies directly. Also, some mothers are uncomfortable with the idea of breastfeeding their baby in a public space. Now go ahead and pump those bottles! No matter the feeding pattern you choose for your child, you are on the right track as long as they get an adequate amount of milk (food).