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Babystore • Tue 07-Nov-2023

Sustainable Choice: Eco-Friendly Electric Breast Pumps for UAE Moms


Hey there, expecting and new moms! We know being a mom is a beautiful but sometimes challenging journey. As moms, we want what's best for our babies. That's why choosing an eco-friendly electric breast pump is a fantastic idea. They are particularly beneficial for working moms, as they provide the flexibility to express milk whenever and wherever needed.

Whether you're a working mom or need to build up a milk supply, these pumps are a fantastic tool to support your breastfeeding journey. During Breastfeeding Week, we're excited to showcase a range of pumps designed for modern moms.

Let’s have a look at some of the most sustainable eco-friendly electric breast pumps:

Medela - Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump

Medela Freestyle Flex is the ultimate breast pump for moms on the move. It's light and portable, making it easy to carry anywhere. With its lightweight design, it won't weigh you down during busy days. This smart pump lets you pump from both breasts simultaneously, saving you time and effort. And the best part? Medela cares about the planet, using recyclable materials to reduce their environmental impact. With Medela Freestyle Flex, you can pump with ease and peace of mind, knowing you're doing your part for both your baby and the environment. Say hello to ease and sustainability all in one fantastic breast pump!

Philips Avent - Single Electric Cordless Breast Pump

The Philips Avent Single Electric Cordless Breast Pump is the perfect choice for moms seeking freedom and comfort. With its cordless design, it provides a personalized and intuitive pumping experience with minimal parts and easy setup. The Pause/Play and Memory functions add convenience, while the quiet motor ensures a discreet pumping session anywhere. Moms can personalize their experience with 8 + 16 setting levels, ensuring gentle and comfortable pumping. The soft and adaptive silicone cushion provides a snug fit, allowing moms to express without leaning forward, saving time and maximizing milk expression. The rechargeable battery and timer display keep track of pumping sessions, making it a reliable and user-friendly breast pump for modern moms on the go.

Tommee Tippee - Single Electric Breast Pump Strong Suction Soft Feel Usb Rechargeable Quiet Portable

It is designed to make expressing milk easy and efficient. It features massaging petals that gently stimulate your breasts and create strong suction, allowing you to express more milk in less time. The soft feel ensures a comfortable experience while maximizing milk expression. Cleaning and assembly are a breeze with the easy-to-use design and closed system, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. The breast pump's lightweight and slimline power unit makes it incredibly portable, fitting easily into your bag so you can pump breast milk anytime, anywhere. No need to worry about batteries, as it's powered by a USB rechargeable unit. With a full charge, you get over 60 minutes of cord-free pump time. Choose from 5 massage and 9 express modes, providing gentle and comfortable stimulation for optimal milk flow.

Chicco - Portable Compact Electric Breast Pump

The Chicco Portable Compact Electric Breast Pump is a game-changer for busy moms. It's designed to be light and compact, fitting perfectly in one hand and easily slipping into your handbag. This makes it an ideal companion when traveling or returning to work. No need to worry about finding a power source, as it comes with a convenient USB charger. The best part is its quiet operation, allowing you to pump discreetly anywhere without feeling embarrassed. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, this breast pump ensures a stress-free and peaceful pumping experience. Chicco's Portable Compact Electric Breast Pump is all about convenience and simplicity, making expressing milk a breeze for moms on the move.

Bebe - Comfort Natural Comfort Electric Breast Pump

The Bebe Comfort Natural Comfort Electric Breast Pump is a fantastic choice for moms with the utmost freedom and discretion while expressing milk. This new-generation breast pump allows you to pump both hands-free and multitask or relax during the process. It's designed to be ultra-compact and portable and comes with a convenient carry bag for easy transport. The pump lets you express milk discreetly, even while dressed, ensuring privacy and comfort. The package includes essential accessories like a cup, silicone tube, and a 140 ml Natural Comfort bottle. You also get a stopper to turn the bottle into a storage pot, making storing excess milk for later use easy. For added comfort, a microwavable sterilization box keeps everything clean and hygienic.

In conclusion, to all the expecting and new moms in the UAE, these eco-friendly electric breast pumps offer a fantastic opportunity to make your breastfeeding journey smoother and more sustainable. And here's the exciting part – during Breastfeeding Week, you can get these amazing pumps at discounted prices! Don't miss out on this special offer to provide the best for your baby and the planet.

Whether you choose Medela Freestyle Flex for its portability, Philips Avent for personalized comfort, Tommee Tippee for on-the-go efficiency, Chicco for discreet expression, or Bebe for freedom and comfort, each pump has something unique to offer. Happy pumping and a joyous breastfeeding week to all the moms in the UAE!



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