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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

Exercises for Optimal Pregnancy and Labor

Exercises for Optimal Pregnancy and Labor


Exercises are great to hell you remain fit and healthy, but are you aware that exercise is also good for pregnant women? This one thing most women don't know. But exercise is very beneficial during pregnancy because it helps you stay fit and healthy, and also prepares your body for the rigors of labor.

Regular exercising will strengthen you, make you flexible, aid direction, as well as open up your pelvis for smooth and easy delivery. As important as exercise is for you and the unborn baby, the exercise needs to be moderate and simple.

If you are worried about what kind of exercise is right for you, then below is a list of some exercises that are suitable for pregnant women;


Squatting happens to be one of the best and safest exercises for a pregnant woman. It strengthens the muscle in the pelvic area and also opens up the area which makes way for easier movement of your baby through the birthing canal. Try to do the squatting exercise regularly so that your muscles can be more relaxed and your perineum stretched. You just have to do the squats right, and you will be ready to birth your baby naturally and easier.


Walking happens to be the easiest exercise for a pregnant woman. It helps in strengthening your contraction, and it often leads to active labor. But don't stress yourself while walking. Because when you get exhausted, you might lose the much-needed energy for childbirth.


Ever heard of butterfly exercise? It's a process where you have to sit straight on the floor, fold your knees and bring your soles together to your pelvic region. Hold your feet in a comfortable position, and keep your spine straight, breathing in and out while flapping your knees gently. And you will feel your muscles relaxing. This exercise helps you relax, reduce fatigue, improves the flexibility of your hips and groin region, and it keeps your knees and thighs stretched. If you practice this exercise regularly during your pregnancy, you are sure to have smooth delivery.

Pelvic rock

This is a simple exercise that helps to keep your pelvis loose. All you need do is bend using your hands and knees. Push your back up and down gently, it releases tension in your spine and helps place your baby in a better position.

Optimal sleeping position

Once your pregnancy is far gone, your doctor or midwife will discourage you from sleeping with your back to avoid backache and poor flow of blood. However, the best sleeping position for you is to sleep with your side. For the most optimal sleeping position, the left side is better as it increases the proper amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta, as well as your baby. You could try using pregnancy pillows which is easily available online in Dubai to get maximum comfort during sleeping.


Labor can be really painful and exhausting which is very natural. That is why it is strongly advised for pregnant women to exercise during the period of pregnancy and labor, to help get your baby ready and in the most optimal and healthy position for birth.

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