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Babystore • Fri 09-Dec-2022

How To Celebrate Baby's First Halloween

One of the greatest joys of parenthood besides seeing your wards growing up strong and healthy is being present to mark their first words, first steps, and more importantly the first of many holidays like New Year, Christmas, Boxing Day, and if I do say so myself Halloween!

In a lot of households, Halloween can be a very big deal as the holiday usually brings with it a lot of preparations including costume making or buying, decorations, and preparing cuisines and meals that are often associated with the festive period. No doubt Halloween is a fun-filled time for the entire family and even though your baby is not old enough to understand all the Halloween festivities, there are still numerous activities you can engage in with your little infant and still provide them with a spooky good time during October. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate your baby's first Halloween;

Buy Baby Cute Halloween Costumes, Bibs, And Pajamas

There are a variety of cute baby costumes to pick from and it is important to choose correctly as your baby's first Halloween costume will be remembered for years to come. In the season of creating memories, taking a cute picture of your ward eating in their Halloween bib or sleeping in their Halloween-themed pajamas can be beneficial especially when taking a trip down memory lane many years from now.

Read Halloween-Themed Books

It is now knowledge that reading to a child helps to increase their interest in learning, not to mention that it is also an essential tool for brain development. There are numerous Halloween stories available for kids and in addition, you can easily attend a library event with kid-friendly storybooks. For a more visually appealing and engaging experience, it is often helpful to get books with beautiful pictures and illustrations as kids tend to love looking at pictures.

Visit The Pumpkin Patch Or Apple Orchard With Your Ward

Taking your baby to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard can be a very lovely experience especially as your child will love the feeling of touching the pumpkins, apples, and corn. He or she can also help you select some of the best apples to make homemade apple sauce as well as pumpkins for carving.

Set Up Halloween Decorations around The House Early

It is usually good to have decorations around the house especially as it would set the mood for the holiday while also allowing everyone to get into the feel of Halloween. In addition, it will allow your baby to see the entire theme unfolding. You can easily purchase great Halloween decorations online at a fraction of the cost.

Take Your Baby To A Zoo Boo Event

Taking your baby to a zoo boo event can be fun for both you and your little infant as it allows your kid(s) to celebrate Halloween especially as it is a not-so-scary Halloween event that includes children’s, games and activities, trick or treating, Halloween photoshoot amongst others.

So, if you are stressing out about creating the perfect first Halloween experience for your baby; first of all, take a deep breath, relax and proceed to follow the steps as outlined above and you will end up creating a memorable event that will make you smile when you reminisce on the said day sometime in the future.

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